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“When we feel cut adrift, it is often because our unacknowledged wishes are crying for our attention and we are turning a deaf ear. At such times we need to take pen to the page and listen to the voices within us that want further expression in our lives. We must make our unconscious conscious. We must allow these voices to help us grid our growth or we will grow helter-skelter and not in directions that give us the soul satisfaction that we crave.”

~Julia Cameron, from The Sound of Paper

Poetry from The Well, Writing

I turn to the sun


I turn to the sun

wishing to be still and patient

as a candle that holds

packed in its weight

spirals and spirals

of perfumed air

that long to dance skyward


Oh to be lit

quick and easy

as the candle’s wick


To be cleanly contained

in a pretty jar

ready to cast a glow

across any wall


Instead I seep sideways

a puddle freshly chilled

after late summer’s rain


At least I’ve caught

this greasy rainbow

to steal light from the sun


It ripples in your eyes