love, Poetry from The Well, Time

We Have Nothing To Share

Rainbows and sunsets

always sulk behind the lens.

So does the shine

stretched across your eyes,

so does the tilt

of your bottom lip.

It’s no wonder we

look washed out.

Pass me the last one.

We work hard at night.

How could we share

the hours, layers

of icy breath

lifting toward

winking stars?

Life, love, Poetry from The Well, relationships

Shadow of the North Star

penns cave

In his eyes

there is no horizon in sight.

Two lush pools watch you

from the height of the moon’s

mother. Dirt from underneath

his feet clumps and crumbles

the same as the mascara clinging

to your lashes. Raindrops mix

easy with tears. The clocks spin

round as loyal blood passes

through cave after cave

of your insides –

in his eyes

sits a shadow of the North Star.