The Well gets filled with the poetry, photographs, and neurotic hopeful thoughts of Julia, a 26-year-old displaced Virginian currently living in Central Pennsylvania.

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16 thoughts on “About

  1. Awesome “About” page. It resonates with me, and I needed to read this this morning. One great thing about being ordinary is that more people can relate to you–and vice-versa. I remember being a bit resentful when a co-worker (and a nun) said the following: “Sarah’s ordinary, just like me.” Of course, another co-worker was quick to respond with, “Sister, you’re anything but ordinary,” and she chuckled softly. I waited in vain for a similar comment about me. I brooded, of course. And I looked for reasons to believe that I’m somehow extraordinary. I found none. And, eventually–many years later, actually–I learned to be grateful for that. Or, at least, to accept it. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    But, still, there are days . . .
    And then I think of water. It’s not that exciting to drink, but when someone’s seriously thirsty, they ask for water, not beer or champagne or even coffee. So “ordinary as water” doesn’t sound so bad.

  2. Thank you for following my poetry blog. I feel everyone who reads my poems is a gift, hopefully that will keep on giving, and I look forward to a leisurely walk in your garden of words

  3. Thanks so much for your follow of Heart of Life Poetry. Like some who have commented above me, I really love your “About” page. I wish you great fulfillment in dipping into the dark, quiet, waiting well of words.

  4. When a well is first dug, the water gushes out — much like oil wells, except oil wells have to be capped and then pumped.

    The bucket is the voluntary dipping. The bucket does not fill itself.

    Going to the well is then a choice. If the choice is not to go to the well, then the result is thirst — or worse: dehydration.

    So, as you start out — or even if this is not new to you — go to the well often. Daily. Hourly.

    The funny thing about water from the well is that it won’t slack your thirst, but increase it over time.

    Thanks for visiting my online writing studio, and enjoying a drink from my well.

  5. Thanks for deciding to follow my blog. I really enjoyed your poem above and the others I just browsed through. I wish I had a talent for it (poetry writing), but apparently I gave all of that to my son. I’m glad you liked the piece about teaching poetry. You do a great job of crafting vivid images.

    • I really appreciate your kind comment! Your piece on teaching poetry really intrigued me, for one because I was on track to become a high school English teacher before leaving my master’s program. It just didn’t feel right at the time; however, maybe someday I will take the plunge into teaching. I worry that I am too anxious to engage with so many students all day.

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