Poetry from The Well, Poetry I like

New Moon by Tu Fu

The bright, thin, new moon appears,

Tipped askew in the heavens.

It no sooner shines over

The ruined fortress than the

Evening clouds overwhelm it.

The Milky Way shines unchanging

Over the freezing mountains

Of the border. White frost covers

The garden. The Chrysanthemums

Clot and freeze in the night.


From One Hundred Poems From the Chinese by Kenneth Rexroth


Poetry from The Well

At my great-grandmother’s grave in Frackville


My heart’s aging faster than my skin.

A robin waits on a branch above

A sun-bleached tombstone.

My lover stirs the dusty grass,

The sun gleaming through his hair.

There is only so much time to make friends.

How is the ground so firm

Above tender skin and stories?

When our hearts stop,

We still have eternity

To meet our neighbors.

Poetry from The Well

Wind Envy

I’m haunted by the sight

of the trees boasting blossoms

baby pink and white

twisting against a patch of sky

crowded with clouds

racing one another nowhere.


On this side of the window

the air is still except for sounds

of bored coughs and sighs.


The sun streams in

gleaming against

the grainy blue carpet

but the wind stays outside

frenzied and free.