Don’t Break Your Smartphone — Do Break These 5 Annoying Habits


The guy on the right broke his annoying smartphone habits.


5. Calling multiple times in a row without leaving a voicemail or text.

Within reason, of course — I’m not talking about emergencies. Calling your friend every twelve minutes until you get a hold of them is a waste of time, and it adds a degree of urgency that is not necessary. Plus, I am 78% more likely to respond to a text than a series of missed calls. (If you are calling from a number I don’t recognize, forget it. I am guaranteed not to call back.)

4. Sending one word texts.

At least send two words. “Hey girl!” is better than “Hi”. Do not send “Hi”. I will not respond.

Okay, I will respond, because I would feel too guilty ignoring you. However, I’ll be responding with a deep grimace, unbeknownst to you.

3. Looking over someone’s shoulder at their phone.

Kindly keep your distance, and keep your eyes out of my inbox. And if you catch me texting about you, that’s your problem! Should’ve minded your business! Hmph!

Personal space: the most underrated value of modern time.

2. Sending a series of texts to convey one simple thought.

Yes, I understand most of us have phones that put our texts into message bubbles. Still, it’s the principle of the thing.  I don’t want to feel my phone vibrate ten times waiting for you to make your point. I’m impatient. Life is short.

Sometimes it’s perfectly appropriate to send several texts. I enjoy text convos now and then. All I’m saying is don’t do this:

Text 1: H

Text 2: Hi*

*two minute pause*

Text 3: Sup?

Text 4: Omg

Text 5: Have u checked FB yet?

Text 6: lol

1. Using your phone the entire time you’re hanging out with friends or family.

I’m not innocent here. I find myself at restaurants, laughing and talking, one hand stuffing fries into my mouth, as the other hand stealthily begins to slip unnoticed into my purse, rummaging for my phone, opening the notifications, and next thing I know I am staring blurry eyed at the glowing screen, thinking of an answer to someone who’s texted me something non-urgent (“Hi”), ketchup smeared across my face, completely absent from whatever real conversation I was having moments before.

These days, getting coffee with a friend who gives you their full attention is a rare treat. We need each other’s quality time and attention.


This coffee tastes terrible but at least I can add an enviable filtered picture of it to my Instagram.




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